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Slick Tillandsia Air Plant Kolby – KOLBY – Air PLants

KOLBY Air Plant Features
  • Vibrant, interesting life-like appearance. Blooms continually and needs low light to grow.
  • Looks great in any home decor.
  • Uses less than 1 Watts of power while still converting CO2 emissions into renewable energy
  • Plant captures up to 99.25% of CO2 emissions from industrial processes with natural capture rates
  • Creates clean energy equivalent to 5,807 Watts of electricity
  • Low power consumption - Just 1 watt
  • Low operational costs - highest efficiency and highly affordable
  • Solutions that generate energy, lower costs, and help the environment
  • Comes in six different size and ten colors to appeal to children
  • Kolby Air Plant requires a much shorter time for initial growth. It will grow as quickly as every 3-4 weeks.
  • Delivers clean, renewable energy for the home
  • Kohls on average reduces an individuals carbon footprint by 355 lbs a year
  • Grow your own greenhouse in 20% less space
  • Easy setup that can be done in under 2 hours
  • 2-year warranty with 3-month replacement guarantee

Exquisite KOLBY Air PLantsTillandsia kolby air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThe Tillandsia Koby is warm green with hints of purple in its leaves. It is a is great large Air Plant species easy to cultivate and very versatile. Tillandsia Koby – 2 inches