Tillandsia Air Plant Harrisii


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Delightful Tillandsia Air Plant Harrisii – HARRISII – Air PLants

HARRISII Air Plant Features
  • Schedule your plants watering with the convenient auto-timed system
  • Growers Choice: Pot in plastic!
  • Exclusive patent pending patented design for peace of mind
  • Dense leaves and branches create natural atmospheric
  • The Harrisii Air Plant has a round trunk and leaves that curve or spiral when in bloom. The plant also features delicate flowers on slender stalks that emerge from the seaweed-like plant.
  • Aquatic plants are always popular because they are pretty, perform well in humid environments and have interesting traits like their regenerative abilities. Deep clean marine terrarium (Aqaurium)
  • Harrisii Air Plants are known for their beautiful, delicate foliage
  • An air plant is simple to care for. Just give it enough light, water when necessary, and avoid direct sunlight
  • Its important not to keep an air plant in a hot or cold area
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Harrisii Air Plants are resilient against everyday wear
  • Requires no care
  • These air plants are ready to green your home or office!

Flashy HARRISII Air PLantsTillandsia harrisii air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThe Tillandsia Harrisii is warm green with a unique texture on the leaves. It is a is medium sized air plant species that s easy to cultivate and very versatile. 2 – 3 inches in size.