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Succulent Pachyveria Glauca ‘Little Jewel’ – 4″ Pot

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The Little Jewel Pachyveria, also known as the Jewel Pachyveria or the Golden Jewel Pachyveria, is a species of variegated plant in the family Verbenaceae. It is endemic to Mexico, where it grows in altitude from sea level to 3,200 meters.This evergreen shrub has alternate leaves that are up to 15 cm long and 5 cm wide, with a blade shape that is deeply lobed. The inflorescence is a dense raceme of funnel-shaped flowers that are yellow or orange with red spots on the petals. The fruit is a shiny black drupelet that measures up to 4 cm long and 2 cm wide.

  • Dense cluster of golden yellow flowers with red centres
  • Thrifty plants, wonderful as a houseplant or window sill specimen
  • Cryptic green, waxy leaves and beautifully shaped succulent flowers make this plant a wonderful accent to any nursery or window box
  • This stunning, bright golden, flowering plant is perfect for an indoor accent all year round.
  • The Jewel Pachyveria offers the best of both worlds: a showy, blooming beauty in the house but also would be beautiful planted outdoors.
  • Gray, Black, Gold and White colors.
  • Attaches on an outdoor faucet.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Gorgeous, vibrant red and yellow
  • 5 star metal upper
  • Leather upper with two color options: black sepia leather or brown microfiber
  • 120mm heel height
  • Shock absorbent
  • Fusion enhanced cushioning with comfort technology
  • Brown suede lace overlay

Little Jewel Pachyverias are a type of succulent that come from Central America and South America. These plants have thick fleshy leaves and small, brightlycolored flowers. They are popular as houseplants because they require relatively little maintenance. Little Jewel Pachyverias can be grown in a variety of environments, including inside or outside.

Pachyveria is a genus of about 6070 species of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae. The genus is endemic to Central and South America, with a few species extending into North America. Pachyveria is notable for its small, brightly coloured flowers and low stature. The genus was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.The name pachyveria comes from the Ancient Greek words παυχή pachḗ meaning thorn and εὐρώπη európē meaning land of the wide world. The specific epithet comes from the Latin word pachys meaning thick, because the inflorescences of some species are thickened by spines.The Little Jewel Pachyveria is a terrestrial or subterranean herb that typically grows to a height of 12 m 36 ft. It has small, bright yellow or orange flowers that are pollinated by bees. The fruit is a capsule that contains several black seeds.
There are many benefits that come with owning a pet. Pets offer companionship, emotional support, and can teach children important life skills. However, some pets can also be harmful to the environment. One such pet is the little jewel pachyveria plant. Little jewel pachyveria plants are small but extremely potent carnivorous plants. They grow best in low light conditions and need very little water to survive. Little jewel pachyveria plants are not considered to be harmful to humans or other animals, but they do have some unique features that may interest pet owners.
The Little Jewel Pachyveria is a species of cactus that grows in the Mexican state of Sonora. The Little Jewel Pachyveria is the smallest cactus species in the world, measuring just 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. The Little Jewel Pachyveria is known for its beautiful spines, which are covered in small, white flowers. The Little Jewel Pachyveria is considered to be a fragile species, and it is often targeted by collectors because of its rarity.
The article Little Jewel Pachyveria discusses the interesting and bizarre plants that are popular in pop culture. The article includes information on the plant Pachyveria, which is known for its colorful papery skin and starlike flowers.
The Little Jewel Pachyveria is an attractive, easy to care for houseplant that boasts many benefits. Here are five of the main ones Little Jewel Pachyverias are lowmaintenance plants that do not require a lot of water or fertilizer. They will typically do well in a clean environment with moderate light and temperatures. They bloom brightly in many colors, including red, pink, white, purple, and yellow. These plants make great additions to any home because they are attractive, easy to care for, and provide a nice foliage display. Little Jewel Pachyverias can be used as houseplants or cut flowers; they are both beautiful and fragrant specimens. These plants can be propagated by stem cuttings taken from mature plants; this is a great way to get more plants if you want to grow them as houseplants or cut flowers.