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Pothos ‘Cebu Blue’ – 4″ Pot

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Cebu Blue Pothos is a tropical houseplant that typically grows to be around 12-16 inches tall. The plant is typically green or blue in color, and is known for its lovely variegated leaves. Cebu Blue Pothos can be propagated by rooting cuttings taken from the plants stem.

  • # Grows great in areas with less than 12 hours of direct light.
  • # Easy care; doesnt require cutting back or repotting like other plants.
  • # Repels pests such as spiders, ants, and slugs.
  • The easiest way to start is by rooting cuttings you can find when you disassemble old spider plants
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • Low light or low oxygen tolerance
  • Deadhead for a neater and more compact plant
  • Species: Epiphyllum
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Can be propagated by cutting off a stem and inserting it in growing medium with good drainage
  • Stem rooting allows Cebu Blue to grow better than plants grown from leaf cuttings
  • Pot plant can survive in a variety of areas although it does best under ideal conditions with moist, well drained soil and indirect light
  • Often referred to as Air Plants because they dont need soil or hydroponic growths
  • Require no maintenance such as mister/humidifier or fertilizer
  • Requires moderate light, or direct sunlight to start growing properly
  • Grows well in a hanging basket or on shelves
  • Cebu Blues leaves are typically green or blue in color
  • The plant is often admired for its variegated leaves
  • Propagates by rooting cuttings

The popularity of Cebu Blue Pothos is due to their attractive foliage and striking blue flowers. These plants can thrive in a variety of environments, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Additionally, Cebu Blue Pothos are hardy and easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners.

The Cebu Blue Pothos is a beautiful, mossy plant with a long, blue stem and large, blue leaves. Native to the Philippines, it can be found growing in moist areas near lakes and streams. The Cebu Blue Pothos is a popular houseplant because of its attractive foliage and moderate care requirements. The Cebu Blue Pothos was first identified in the Philippines in 1878 by the German botanist Anton Herremann. He gave it the scientific name Crassula ciliata, which is Latin for “hairy stem” or “tufted plant.” The Cebu Blue Pothos is sometimes called the “Indian m Moss” or the “Philippine Blue Orchid.” The Cebu Blue Pothos has two varieties the nominate C. ciliata cebuensis, which is found on the island of Cebu, and the variegated C. ciliata variegata, which is found on Negros Island. The nominate variety is more common and has smaller leaves than the variegated variety. The Cebu Blue Poth
Pets are a big part of many peoples lives and the same can be said for plants. Whether its a dog or a cat, everyone has at least one pet that they love and care for. So its no surprise that there are also plant pets out there! One such plant pet is the Cebu Blue Pothos. This plant is popular among both pet owners and plant enthusiasts because of its looks and its ability to grow quickly. Heres a look at how to take care of this plant and what benefits you can expect from keeping one in your home.
The Cebu Blue Pothos is the state flower of the Philippines. The Cebu Blue Pothos can grow up to one meter in height and has bluegreen foliage. The flowers of the Cebu Blue Pothos are white with a deep blue hue. The Cebu Blue Pothos is endemic to the island of Cebu in the Philippines.
The Cebu Blue Pothos Epipremnum aureum is a popular houseplant in the Philippines. Its often found in hanging baskets or on windowsills, and its lush green foliage is a striking contrast to most other plants. The Cebu Blue Pothos is also known by other names such as the Chinese water flower, the Manila fern, and the Bali vine. The Cebu Blue Pothos is native to the Philippines, where it can be found growing in moist shady areas near bodies of water like streams and ponds. It prefers partial sunlight but will do well in bright indirect light or direct light during the day. The Cebu Blue Pothos needs plenty of humidity and regular watering, especially during drier periods.
A cebu blue pothos is a beautiful and easy to care for houseplant that can add color and life to any room. Here are some of the benefits of keeping one as a houseplantThe cebu blue pothos is an easy plant to grow, requiring minimal care. Water it regularly and fertilize once a month with a diluted fertilizer.The cebu blue pothos is hardy in most climates and can be placed near windows or doors to help regulate temperature.The cebu blue pothos is attractive and can add color and life to any room.