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Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’ – 4″ Pot

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Philodendron ‘Painted Lady’ – 4″ Pot – Live Tropical Houseplant – Grown in the USA

  • SIZE: 4" Pot
  • Grown in the USA By licensed nursery.
The Painted Lady Philodendron Aureopogon pictus is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. This hardy succulent may be found in nearly every garden, but its true origins are unknown. Its name is a combination of two Latin words meaning painted shield, likely referring to the variegated markings on its leaves. The Painted Lady was first grown in Europe in the 1700s and quickly became a hit with aristocrats and collectors. It was commonly seen as a symbol of wealth and power because of its rarity and high price tag. Because of this, it was often used as an ornament or feature in gardens belonging to royals, such as Louis XIVs Palace at Versailles. Today, the Painted Lady is still considered a prestigious plant and can be found in many highend gardens. It is also becoming more available to the general public, thanks to propagation techniques that allow for easier cultivation outside of traditional gardens.