Philodendron Micans – 6″ Pot


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Philodendron Micans – 6″ Pot – Live Tropical Houseplant – Grown in the USA

  • SIZE: 6" Pot
  • Grown in the USA By licensed nursery.

The Philodendron ‘Micans’ is dreamy to say the least. Known for its velvety, heart-shaped leaves and trailing growth habit. It has become extremely popular as a houseplant and can be difficult to come across in some regions as a result.? Of course it’s desired. Look at it! With soft, iridescent leaves that shimmer with red, green and bronze hues it is breathtakingly stunning. Philodendron ‘Micans’ or Philodendron ‘Velvet’ as it’s also known,? looks great in hanging planters or climbing moss poles or trellises. Similar to other philodendron varieties, it is low-maintenance and easy to grow. Keep it up on a shelf if you have curious critters though as it is considered toxic to both cats and dogs.

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum

Common Names : Velvet Philodendron, Philodendron Micans, Heart-Leaf Sweetheart Plant

Description: Philodendron hederaceum is also known by the names Heart-Leaf Philodendron and Sweetheart Plant. This species originates from Central America and parts of the Caribbean and is a commonly grown houseplant in many places including the UK. This type of philodendron plant has velvet-textured heart-shaped leaves that are greenish bronze with reddish brown undersides. It produces long vining stems.