Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’ – 4″ Pot

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Congo Rojo Philodendron (CRP) is a fairly new and unusual cultivar of philodendron. It was created by crossing two existing varieties, Red Congo and Yellow Philodendron. CRP has bright red leaves and fragrant flowers that are usually very large in size.This plant is not for the faint of heart – it can grow up to six feet tall and wide, making it an imposing sight in any room. But if youre looking for an unusual plant thats sure to make a statement, look no further than CRP!

  • CRP is the product of two different plants, whose cultivars were crossbred to create a novel yellow-red variant
  • Philodendron breed shares most of their characteristics with rubber trees, cacti and other succulents
  • This plant has very unusual and vibrant leaves with a deep red color
  • * Fading to Nob
  • Phoenix and Little Palm Catalpa
  • * Fast Grower
  • * Attracts Birds, Butterflies & Butterflies
  • * Watering: Keep in moist but well-draining soil with bottom water only. Can survive dry weather but if growing indoors during winter, let top wets be absorbed by the plant
  • Unique form and flowers
  • Easy to grow
  • Must be watered about five times per week.
  • 1. Unique, Beautiful plant with an amazing red color that lights up the room
  • 2. Fast growing and should be watered frequently - Best if kept on moist soil

Congo Rojo Philodendrons are popular for their vibrant colors and striking shapes. These plants can be found in a variety of habitats, including rainforest and coastal areas. Congo Rojo Philodendrons are easy to care for, and they can be grown indoors or outdoors.

The Congo Rojo Philodendron, also known as the Red Philodendron or the Congo Red, is a species of philodendron that is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The plant is listed as endangered by the IUCN and is threatened by deforestation and overharvesting for its wood and flowers.
Congo Rojo Philodendron is a beautiful and unusual plant. If youre looking for an unusual gift, or want to add some personality to your home, this is the plant for you! Congo Rojo Philodendron can grow up to six feet tall, and has bright red leaves that are shaped like fingers. They are tolerant of low light levels and can be found in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, purple, and pink.
The Congo Rojo Philodendron, also known as the Red Congo Philodendron, is a tropical plant that is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This philodendron is unusual because it has red flowers that are different from other varieties of the plant. The flowers are typically green or yellow, but the red color is a distinguishing characteristic of this variety. The Congo Rojo Philodendron grows up to 8 feet tall and has leaves that are lance-shaped and have a spines along their margins. This variety of philodendron is considered to be one of the most beautiful plants in the world, and it is often used in floral arrangements or as a specimen plant in gardens.
Congo Rojo Philodendron is a descriptive name for a specific type of philodendron. The species is native to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The plant is often used in pop culture because of its striking appearance and its association with witchcraft and sorcery.
A Congo Rojo Philodendron (Philodendron combocarpum) is an attractive houseplant that can be used in any room in the home. They are very easy to care for and have a variety of benefits as a houseplant. Here are some of the benefits of having a Congo Rojo Philodendron as a houseplant:-They are Hardy: Congo Rojo Philodendrons can withstand low light levels, cool temperatures, and careful watering.-They Are Indoor Plants: Congo Rojo Philodendrons thrives in indoor environments, making them great choice for people who live in apartments or dont have enough sunlight.-They Provide Flowers: While not the most popular types of flowers, Congo Rojo Philodendrons do produce flowers that are attractive to many people. Their flowers can vary in color from white to shades of red, orange, and yellow.-They Are Easy to Care For: Congo Rojo Philodendrons require very little maintenance and can be easily grown if they are purchased from a reputable retailer.