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Philodendron Brasil – 6″ Pot

Air Purifier
Healthier Home Approved!
Snobby Approved!
Trendier Than Your Coworkers!!

Philodendron Brasil – 6″ Pot – Live Tropical Houseplant – Grown in the USA

  • SIZE: 6" Pot
  • Grown in the USA By licensed nursery.

The Philodendron Brasil is so fine it will blow your mind.? Easy to care for? Check!? Super fancy looking? Check!? This luxurious lady is native to coastal Brazil and grows in a vine-like or climbing fashion. Your houseguests will? swoon at her striking heart-shaped leaves with yellow and green segments that almost looks painted on.? It is a great addition to any office or household as it is very easy to care for, requiring minimal watering and only needing low to medium indirect sunlight.

Botanical Name: Philodendron cordatum, Common Names: Cordatum Brasil, Philodendron Brasil