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House Plant Leaf Armor / 8oz / Leaf Shine

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Exquisite House Plant Leaf Armor / 8oz / Leaf Shine – LEAF ARMOR – Fertilizer

Appealing LEAF ARMOR FertilizerHouse plant leaf armor 8oz leaf shineClean Fortify and Protect your plants with our specially formulated leaf spray for fiddle fig leaf plants. Safeguarding its foliage against fungus and insects enhances plant health and highlights its beautiful luster. Specifically Developed to meet the needs of your plants our Fig Leaf Armor Spray promotes natural glossy sheen and hardiness so your fig leaf plant looks fresh alive and full of vitality. Multi-Purpose Blend cleans nourishes and defends your indoor house plant without burning it or causing brown spots. Its precise balance of nutrients supports strong leaves and rich verdant beauty. Gentle Natural Ingredients clean fiddle fig leaves and deliver nutrients that are vital to withstanding bacteria calcium deposits and pests. Used regularly it helps nurture your plant into a thriving home accent piece. Ready-to-use liquid leaf cleaner needs no mixing or measuring. It comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that you can begin using at once. Restore your plants’ lush appearance in just minutes. ***Please note we will no longer be able to ship this fertilizer to California due to agricultural restrictions***