Tillandsia Air Plant Veluntina


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Resplendent Tillandsia Air Plant Veluntina – VELUTINA – Air PLants

VELUTINA Air Plant Features
  • Air Plants have been disliked and admired for centuries; they are perfect for both office and home settings
  • The Velutina team takes great efforts to always keep their products 100% natural!
  • Made in the United States
  • Potted, sustainable and sustainably sourced
  • 19 H x 14 W
  • Eco-Friendly Living Specimen
  • Unique Focal Point
  • 100% replanted and natural
  • Reclaimed industrial Pallet
  • 18H x 13 3/4W
  • White with black polka dot design
  • A true eco-friendly air plant!
  • Patented 6-way design - holds plant body upright and securely, cant tip over or fall
  • Free hanging cage with air ferns
  • Sturdy base prevents them from toppling
  • This article will help you to see how planting these succulent oxygenators can do even more for your wellness than that days sunshine!
  • Explore the many benefits of growing these leafy plants in your home.
  • Best Plants for Humans gives you 10 great ideas for things to do with the plant after its initial bloom.

Resplendent VELUTINA Air PLantsTillandsia veluntina air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThe Tillandsia Velutina is warm green with stiff pointy leaves. It is a is great medium sized Air Plant species easy to cultivate and very versatile. Tillandsia Velutina ships 2 to 3 inches in size.