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Montana Air Plant is a company that manufactures air conditioners. They have been in business since 1925, and they are currently the fifth largest air conditioning manufacturer in the United States. Montana Air Plant has over 6,000 employees and they manufacture air conditioners in eight different factories around the state of Montana.

MONTANA Air Plant Features
  • Product: Air Conditioners
  • Manufacturer: on behalf of Montana Air Plant, Inc.
  • Features: Regulation temperature setting for the room in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Multiple fans. Dust filters function to keep your air cleaner. Storage rechargeable batteries or external power with features such as reversing fan direction and auto restart as an alternative to electricity when power goes out.
  • CO2 for energy efficiency
  • Cold weather tested for -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Remote control
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • 5 Star Energy Star rating

Montana Air Plants are popular because they are drought tolerant, easy to care for, and provide beautiful landscaping.

The Montana Air Plant is a historic site in Helena, Montana. The plant was built in 1942 as the primary manufacturing plant for Lockheed Aircraft Corporations P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft. The plant operated until 1962, and produced more than 11,000 fighters. Today the building houses the citys public works department.
Montana has some of the best air quality in the nation and this is thanks in part to the states strong environmental policies. But did you know that Montana also has some of the best air quality for animals, too?Pets in Montana can breathe easy because there are no significant sources of pollution close to homes or businesses. In fact, according to the American Lung Association, Montana ranks first in nationwide lung health rankings. This is largely due to the states stringent environmental regulations and its reliance on clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar.One important factor in keeping pets healthy is having a clean environment. Clean air helps keep polluting particles out of the air, which can help protect people and pets from serious health problems like asthma.So if youre looking for a place with great air quality and healthy pets, look no further than Montana!
The Montana Air Plant is one of the oldest operating plants in the United States. The plant was built in 1944 and began operations that year. It is located in Butte, Montana and employs about 1,100 people.The Montana Air Plant processes coal into metallurgical coke, which is then used to produce steel. The plant also produces sulfur dioxide for use in manufacturing.
Montana Air Plant is a pop-culture icon. The plant first appeared in the 1974 film, The Towering Inferno. The plant has since appeared in other films and television shows.
Montana Air Plants have many benefits as houseplants, but their key draw is the low humidity they require. This makes them ideal for people with dry air conditions or those who are sensitive to high humidity levels. Another benefit of Montana Air Plants is that they are resistant to pests and diseases. Because they do not require much water, these plants can also be left alone for long periods of time without needing to be watered frequently. Finally, Montana Air Plants provide a beautiful focal point in any room. Their fragrant flowers and leafy branches are sure to impress guests or co-workers.