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Tillandsia Air Plant Juncifolia Red Hybrid

Air Purifier
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Slick Tillandsia Air Plant Juncifolia Red Hybrid – JUNCIFOLIA RED – Air PLants

JUNCIFOLIA RED Air Plant Features
  • Grow Juncifolia Red Air Plants from seed
  • Strong, durable plants only need watering every 2-3 days
  • Grow up to 3 per pot
  • Make your own succulent arrangements
  • Give succulents as a gift
  • Grow succulents in mini-terrariums
  • Air plant care tips
  • Three air plants with one succulent culture included
  • Red Air Plant good for meditating or having in your office space
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Tips on how to care for Juncifolia Red Air Plants
  • Air plants are a unique type of succulent
  • Use this guide to learn how to grow Rooted Juncifolia Red Plants
  • Learn tips for caring for these tortuous plants
  • This guide is perfect for children and adults who want a fun nontoxic project

Exquisite JUNCIFOLIA RED Air PLantsTillandsia air plant juncifolia red hybrid Botanical Name: Tillandsia Juncifolia Red Hybrid Description: Similar to T. juncea but with reddish-green coloration and smooth fine-leaf tips. Some small juncifolia will also vary in blush color to a dark purple almost “black” in pigmentation when exposed to high bright light. This is normal growth and will not affect the health of the plant. The base of Juncifolias and Juncea naturally have a darker bottom which is completely normal too.