Tillandsia Air Plant Juncea


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Splendid Tillandsia Air Plant Juncea – JUNCEA – Air PLants

JUNCEA Air Plant Features
  • Dont let Juncea die - keep it healthy
  • Cute, compact plant with a unique poof-ball shape
  • Easy to care for: no water or sunlight needed
  • Juncea can survive for a period of time even if it is underwater, making it a great option for aquariums. The twining vines on this plant make it ideal for hanging baskets and containers out of reach from other plants.
  • Juncea is a type of air plant that grows upside down
  • The main exceptions to this are species found in Puerto Rico and Walkers mangroves in Florida
  • Juncea can survive in environments where other plants would die
  • There are 4 native North American species: pseudonarioides, javensis, crucifers, elytrahurum
  • The American version of the Juncea kikuyuensis was renamed the Nanartia spinosa
  • Many potential areas to be planted outdoors: In homes and offices, on balconies and patios, in trees and hedges
  • Air Plants grow like a hydroponic plant, being able to survive where other plants can die
  • Juncea is easy to care for - simply mist the leaves every 10 days!
  • Far more low cost than it counterparts, making it an excellent gift
  • The beautiful, delicate leaf shapes make these an ideal indoor or outdoor decorative piece
  • It doesnt need sunlight or water to grow
  • Can grow in environments other plants would die

Resplendent JUNCEA Air PLantsTillandsia juncea air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThe Tillandsia Juncea is warm green with hints of purple in its leaves. It is a is great large Air Plant species easy to cultivate and very versatile. Tillandsia Juncea: 5 – 7 inches big!