Tillandsia Air Plant Fuchsii


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Fascinating Tillandsia Air Plant Fuchsii – FUCHSII – Air PLants

FUCHSII Air Plant Features
  • Every Fuchsii growing bundle includes a carefully wrapped, hand tied mix of rooted plants and plant plugs
  • Most varieties are at least free flowering, unless otherwise noted
  • Unpretentious low maintenance, no need for misting or fertilizing
  • Easy to grow with minimum care, broad selection keeps them interesting
  • Suitable for all locations
  • Three densities; Light, Medium, and Stiff
  • Exposes to light
  • Fuchsii is a genus of about fifty species of air plants, typically growing up to one foot in height. Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, these epiphytes are popular for their colorful foliage and graceful forms
  • It is a resilient plant that tolerate shady conditions, with minimal need for moisture throughout the year. It is tolerant to dry soil and can be propagated from cuttings
  • Innovative design of GE2000V led not only to unprecedented light output of 31,000 lumens but also to sturdy with 90% energy efficiency.
  • Special radiator near entrance mainly relies on heat exchange with the room temperature to be more comfortable and efficient in operation.
  • HSP setting can control the production of humidity around plant.
  • With superior cooling performance, power and design, GE28 has won the votes of some pretty big names: Samsung, Xiaomi
  • Fuchsii are carefree air plants.
  • Fuchsii (Cattleya hybrid) Propagation kit includes four divisions, a Peperomia cutting, and 500 ml of Miracle Grow!

Elegant FUCHSII Air PLantsTillandsia fuchsii air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThese popular Tillandsia Fuchsii air plants have a round base with soft green leaves. It is a is great small air plants species easy to cultivate and very versatile. Size – 2 inches