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Superb Tillandsia Air Plant Araujei – ARAUJEI – Air PLants

ARAUJEI Air Plant Features
  • The Air Plant is a novel and fun space to explore.
  • Its friendly to the environment and helps reduce pollution.
  • Unique design representing Curitiba in Brazil
  • Can be placed anywhere in your home or office
  • Novel air recycling system: carbon filtration and adsorption
  • Built in the shape of a pagoda with the air recycling system located right above the entrance.
  • Unique and fascinating site located in Curitiba, Brazil.
  • Made of durable, sustainable materials using FSC wood certified with third-party certificate
  • Urban design that helps reduce pollution by better recycling water, air and electricity
  • Brings plants to life near heavily-trafficked areas
  • Includes 1 tree
  • Fits any decor
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Thoughtful Gift:
  • The plant is made of durable, eco-conscious 32 PET plastic that requires minimal water. These qualities make it perfect as a low-water alternative in drought prone areas; not just good enough for your home, but great for the planet too.

Fascinating ARAUJEI Air PLantsTillandsia air plant araujei Botanical Name: Tillandsia Araujei Description: Tillandsia araujei is caulescent growing along a stem and has thick succulent leaves that tend to point towards the light. They have rose colored inflorescence that produce white flowers. They quickly form large symmetrical clumps that are spectacular.