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Snake Plant ‘Zeylanica’ – 6″ Pot

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Zeylanica Snake is a snake you can control with your smartphone. The app was created by scientists at the University of Tokyo to help people learn about snakes and monitor their populations. Zeylanica Snake is the world’s first snake app that lets users track, photograph, and video record their snake.

  • View the feed of their snake through the app
  • Take a selfie photo (snakes like pictures, too!)
  • Track their snake in GPS coordinates
  • Connect with the snake using Bluetooth LE
  • Watch a real-time rendered 3D model of your snake on your smartphone
  • Encounter over 500 types of passive and active snakes at schools, zoos, private residences, etc.
  • Speak to anyone, anywhere around you and ask them to share information/texts, take an ‘airport mode’ selfie or shoot an HD video
  • Express yourself by taking a photo or video and share with others
  • Stay updated on snake sightings, and find out which snakes are near you
  • A perfect way to start your morning conversations. Hello, I’ve got Snake !!
  • Responsible:
  • &snapp;
  • Manufacturer (Philips)
  • Now you can play snake poker with friends and compare your eggs to make sure their clutch is compatible
  • Remote control allows you to manage your snake without disturbing it
  • Fees:
  • Free for access to tagging, mapping and social features
  • Obtaining snakes requires an individual license
  • Tracks your snake, locations and distances
  • Photos, videos and GPS data for photo witnessing
  • Embraceable app design to make users comfortable with their snake

Zeylanica snakes are popular for a variety of reasons. Their striking coloring, combined with their unique patterns, makes them desirable pets. Additionally, they are some of the easiest snakes to care for, making them a great choice for beginner snake owners. Another reason that zeylanica snakes are popular is that they are relatively fearless creatures. This means that they are not as likely to be scared off by other animals or humans and can be kept in more spacious cages.

The Zeylanica Snake is a species of snake endemic to Sri Lanka. It is the only known member of its genus and family, Zeylanicinae. The snake is currently classified as endangered by the IUCN, with an estimated population size of fewer than 1,000 mature individuals.
The Zeylanica snake plant (Zelanthus annuus) is a succulent plant native to the Cape Province of South Africa. The Zeylanica snake plant grows to be about two feet tall, with leaves that are either smooth or scaly. The Zeylanica snake plant flowers in the summer, and produces small, white flowers. The Zeylanica snake plant is not endangered, but it is limited in distribution.
The Zeylanica snake is a relatively new species of snake found only in the island of ZEYLANICA, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The snake is a slender and elongated member of the Colubridae family, measuring an average length of 3 meters. The Zeylanica snake is one of the most unusual snakes in the world because it has no poison glands and instead relies on its sharp teeth to kill its prey. It is also unique because it uses both its hind and front legs to feed, which is something that very few snakes do.The Zeylanica snake is threatened by habitat loss and hunting, but there are efforts underway to protect its habitat.
In the movie The Mummy, the titular mummy is cursed by an ancient Egyptian princess, who orders her priests to kill him. In retaliation, the mummy curses them back with a deadly snake bite. This scene from the movie has inspired countless snake-themed jokes and memes online. Here are five of our favorites1. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side where the snakes are! 2. Who let the snakes out? The snake handler! 3. I saw a snake eating a rat. Thats not natural! 4. Does this dress make me look fat? Yes, it makes me look like Im wearing a live python! 5. Dont forget your snake spray – just in case you run into a Zeylanica Snake!
A Snake Plant may Look Difficult, But They Are Actually Quite Easy to Take Care Of. Here are Some of the Benefits of Having a Snake Plant in Your Home 1. They are Low-Maintenance A Snake Plant doesnt require much water, and they dont need any sunlight. All they need is a place to grow and some soil. 2. They Are Pretty A Snake Plant is definitely a decorative addition to any room, and they look great when growing indoors or outdoors. 3. They Are Beneficial Aside from looking great, a Snake Plant is also beneficial for your home. They help to clean the air and improve the air quality. Plus, they provide protection against pests and spiders.