Pre-Potted Anthurium ‘Pink’ – White Terra Cotta – 4″ Pot


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Anthurium is a flowering plant that can be found in subtropical and tropical regions all over the world. It is a member of the carrot family, and its leaves are compound, with serrated margins. Anthurium Pre White is a strain that has been bred to have bright white flowers.

  • Anthurium White
  • Deep white flower-bearing foliage grows up to 8-10 feet in height, providing year-round interest
  • Long stem with simple foliage
  • During the grow cycle, Anthurium has only six leaves. Since it does not need much nutrients for its needs, it will produce more flower buds and stems than leaves when grown hydroponically. After a week of flowering, Anthurium is ready to harvest.
  • -Pre White Desired Characteristics: Stunning, bright white, translucent flowers
  • -A strain of Anthurium that is available in all colonies including: Xanthosoma, Pterostylis, and Fritillaria
  • -Longer growing time spans up to ten weeks
  • Bred to have bright white flowers
  • Compound leaves with serrated margins
  • Can be found in subtropical and tropical regions all over the world
  • The plants required special care, such as humidity content, light intensity and temperature. There are 3 main types of Anthurium that have bright white flowers
  • Anthurium Pre White is a great example of what can be manufactured with modern techniques

Anthurium Pre Whites are popular because they are easy to grow and maintain. They also have a wide range of colors, so you can create a unique arrangement that is perfect for your home or office.

The Anthurium Pre White is a cultivar of Anthurium that was developed by the USDAs Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in the 1990s. The ARS developed the Pre White as a more heat and drought tolerant variety than traditional Anthurium varieties. The Pre White is now commercially available from some nurseries.
Anthurium are one of the most popular plants for indoor care. They come in a variety of colors including white, pink, yellow, and green. Anthuriums are easy to grow, but they do require some attention. They like bright light and humidity levels between 70-80%. Anthuriums also need good air circulation so they can get enough oxygen.
- Anthurium Pre White is the first commercially available Anthurium cultivar that is pre-white, meaning it has a bright white flower before the red shades take over.- Anthurium Pre White flowers up to twice as large as other anthurium varieties.- Anthurium Pre White grows best in high light, but can also be grown in partial shade.
Anthurium Pre White is a popular flower in pop culture. The flower has appeared in songs, TV shows, and movies.
Anthuriums are one of the most popular houseplants because of their striking flowers. Anthuriums can be grown as either annuals or perennials, but they are best known for their long flowering period. Anthurium pre whites are a shorter flowering variety that is ideal for indoor growing. They have many benefits that make them an excellent choice for a houseplant: Anthurium pre whites are low-maintenance plants. They do not require a lot of water and do not require any fertilization. They also grow quickly, so you will only need to re-pot them once or twice during their lifetime.Another benefit of anthurium pre whites is that they are easy to care for and look beautiful in any room. Their bright colors and long flowering period will add life to any room in your home.If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for houseplant that will add brightness and life to your home, anthurium pre whites are an excellent option.