Pothos ‘Cebu Blue’


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SIZE: 4″ Pot

The Cebu Blue Pothos makes an eye-catching houseplant because of its silverish-blue shimmery leaves that trail and vine beautifully. On top of that, this tropical evergreen vine is easy to care for and won?t demand too much of you.

This form appears to stay in the juvenile form as a house plant if left to trail. However, one can accomplish the mature (fenestrated) foliage if this plant is allowed to grow up a stake or moss pole. It is very easy to grow. The leaves are 2 in by 7 in long and have silver blue color.

Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum

Common Name(s):?Cebu Blue Pothos,?Blue pothos, Devil?s Ivy, Dragon-tail, Blue philodendron, Centipede Tongavin

Description:?Commonly displaying a silvery sparkling pattern, a Cebu Blue pothos boasts the most spectacular foliage. This can mean variations of anything from luscious dark green leaves to blue-silvery long leaves.