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Peperomia ‘Napoli Nights’ – 4″ Pot

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Peperomia is a genus of peppers, also known as nightshades. These plants belong to the Solanaceae family, and are native to the Americas. The peppers in this genus are characterized by their dark purple or black skin and intense green or red flesh.Napoli Nights Peperomia is a pepper cultivar that was created in the city of Napoli, in the region of Campania, in southern Italy. The name Napoli Nights Peperomia is derived from the Latin word napulicus, meaning of or from Naples.

  • As evidence arises on the link between inflammation and heart disease, reducing inflammatory foods is like turning off the spigot of heart disease
  • Dynamic changing plant life .. new growth shoots from nodules extending from the stem approximately once a month during the growing season
  • Grows in full or partial sun
  • Leaves are large and triangular shaped with acute, toothed edges
  • Small, compact plant.
  • Dark purple skin with green flesh.
  • Tastes similar to blackberry or cherry and has a hint of mint.
  • The Napoli Nights Peperomia plant reaches heights of three feet and produces a central point of red with brighter green in the warmer months and softer green in the cooler months. This spectacular color quickly adds visual interest to gardens.;Pepper plants are tolerant of dry soil, humid weather, poor drainage and pollution, making this genus an addition to any outdoor space
  • Excerpt from description:

Napoli Nights Peperomias are popular for their sweet and spicy flavor. They are available in a variety of colors, including green, red, and brown. Napoli Nights Peperomias are also known for their long shelf life, making them a great choice for snacking.

The Napoli Nights Peperomia is a type of pepper sauce that originated in Naples, Italy. The sauce is made from hot peppers and olive oil and is sometimes used as a condiment or dipping sauce.
If youre looking for a way to connect with your pet while traveling, then Napoli Nights Peperomia plants may be just what youre looking for. These plants are specifically designed to attract and captivate animals, making them happy and healthy while youre away. Plus, they make great house plants too!
Napoli Nights Peperomia may not be as well-known as other types of peperoncini, but there are some interesting facts about it that you may not know. For example, the pepper is actually a cultivar of Capsicum annuum, which is the same type of pepper as bell peppers. The name Napoli Nights Peperomia comes from the fact that it was originally developed in Naples, Italy. And finally, its not the only type of peperoncini with a nightshade flavor; there are also Carolina Reaper peppers with a similar flavor.
Napoli Nights Peperomia is a popular Italian dish that is often enjoyed as an appetizer or main course. The dish typically consists of small, round, green peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and bread crumbs. The peppers are then fried until they are golden brown and served with a dipping sauce that is made from either garlic or tomato paste. Napoli Nights Peperomia is a popular dish that can be found in many restaurants across the United States.
If youre looking for a plant that brings a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, consider getting a Napoli Nights Peperomia. This hardy, evergreen shrub is a great choice for those who want to add some lush greenery but dont have a lot of space. Here are some of the benefits of owning one as a houseplant: -Theyre easy to care for. Unlike many other plants that need water and sunlight, Napoli Nights Peperomias require only moderate watering and prefer warm temperatures. They also do well in low light conditions, making them perfect for homes with little natural light. -They look great in any room. Whether you put them in an entryway or on a window sill, they provide an attractive addition to any room. Plus, their spiky leaves create an interesting focal point in any setting. -They make great holiday gifts. Not only are they beautiful Plants, but they also make great gifts for those special people in your life - your family and friends!