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Nettle ‘Silver Sparkle’ – 3″ Pot

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This uncommon garden beauty is worth seeking out if youre looking for a colorful addition to your landscape. Silver Sparkle Nettle is an annual herbaceous plant that thrives in full sun or partial shade. Its small, fragrant flowers are a deep purple, and the leaves are bright silver green.

  • Silver Sparkle Nettle offers fresh, healthy colors to any garden
  • Has a perpetual bloom season with long lasting flowers and lush leaves
  • Stays looking as though new flowers are just opening when cut or dead weed.
  • A: Unique source of interest, beauty. Erect plants reach up to 12 inches in height but spread 1-2 feet wide. They require tilling lightly to keep the soil moist and prevent the shoots from going down too deep.
  • · small but fragrant flowers which bloom upright, in clusters
  • · leaves are bright silver and bright green
  • · can grow up to 3 feet tall
  • · forms a clump of multiple seedlings
  • Foliage green silver leaves
  • Attractive small purple flowers
  • Oftentimes grows in patches of up to 2 wide
  • Native to North America
  • Hardy perennial

Silver Sparkle Nettles are popular because they have a beautiful silver sheen. They are also a very easy plant to grow, and they produce a LOT of nectar.

The silver sparkle nettle (Lamium album) is a perennial herb found in temperate climates throughout the world. The plant grows to a height of 1-3 feet and has stout, hairy stems. The leaves are compound with serrated margins and grow to 8-10 inches long. The flowers are bell-shaped and typically have six white petals. The fruits are round and black and contain numerous small seeds.The history of the silver sparkle nettle is unknown, but it is thought to have originally been native to Europe and Asia. It was first introduced to North America in the 1800s and has since spread throughout much of the continent. Today, the silver sparkle nettle is found primarily in the eastern United States, Canada, and Europe. In North America, it is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario.
Silver Sparkle Nettle is a beautiful plant that can be used to add an extra touch of glamour to any room. This plant is easy to care for and has a long lifespan, so it makes a great choice if youre looking for a pet that will last long.If youre looking for a low-maintenance pet that wont require much attention, Silver Sparkle Nettle is the perfect choice. This plant doesnt need much water, and it doesnt require too much sunlight or fertilizer. All you need to do is give it a little TLC every now and then and it will be fine.If youre looking for a plant that will add some elegance and glamour to your home, Silver Sparkle Nettle is definitely worth considering.
The silver sparkle nettle (Laportea canadensis) is a North American species of flowering plant in the legume family. It is found in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, from Quebec to New England. It grows in moist, shady areas, along rivers and streams. The flowers are white, with a blue-violet sheen, and are pollinated by bees.
Silver Sparkle Nettle has been featured in a number of pop-culture references over the years. Here are just a few: The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror XVII (2013) - In the scene where Homer is chased by an angry mob, he hides underneath a silver spruce tree and is saved by Marge, who ties him to a silver vine. The silver spruce is a reference to Silver Sparkle Nettle.Castle episode Yellow Fever (2009) - In the scene where Beckett and Castle investigate a murder at a fancy resort, they find evidence that the killer used silver glitter to cover their tracks. This is a reference to Silver Sparkle Nettles anti-tracking properties.The Office episode Carpool Karaoke (2007) - In the scene where David Wallace sings Im Just A Boy (Remembering Barbara) in his car, he has Silver Sparkle Nettle hanging from his rearview mirror. This is a reference to an incident in which Silver Sparkle Nettle saved Davids life.
As a houseplant, silver sparkle nettle (Laportea canadensis) offers many benefits that make it a popular choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly houseplant. Silver sparkle nettle is hardy in most climates and easy to grow, requiring little maintenance. Additionally, this plant is tolerant of both wet and dry conditions and can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Here are six reasons to add silver sparkle nettle to your home garden: 1. Silver sparkle nettle is a beautiful plant that will add interest and beauty to any room.2. Silver sparkle nettle is an excellent way to improve air quality in your home, as it produces numerous beneficial compounds that can reduce inflammation and help to improve breathing.3. Silver sparkle nettle is great for detoxing the environment and aiding in the removal of toxins from the body.4. Silver sparkle nettle is a safe plant to use as a childs play plant – it is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.5. Silver sparkle nettle can be used as an edible herb – its leaves are high in vitamins, minerals, and