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Green Fluorite Crystal – Small

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Eye-catching Green Fluorite Crystal – Small – CRYSTAL – Accessories

Alluring CRYSTAL Accessories Green fluorite crystalGreen Fluorite is a stone of growth and renewal helping us to connect with nature and align with the natural order of the universe. A Heart Chakra crystal Green Fluorite helps to heal heartache past trauma and emotional wounds enabling us to open our hearts to love. How to cleanse: Fluorite should be cleansed often due to its remarkable ability to absorb negative energies. It should be cleaned at least once a week and if used in healing or self-healing after each therapy session. It can be cleansed by using running water for several minutes. How to charge: Fluorite – Green: Leave in a stream of water under the moon overnight. A bowl of water will do if you do not have access to a stream. Fluorite – Purple: Purple fluorite should be recharged under running water.