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Ficus, or Umbellata, is a genus of over 900 species of trees and shrubs in the family Moraceae. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, and are often found in moist areas such as rain forests. In addition to their ornamental value, many Ficus species are used for food, timber, and medicinal plants.

  • Ficus is both timbers and shade plants that can promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Its flowering season lasts from mid-September to late February.
  • The leaves are large which are used once the flowers have bloomed to provide a carpet of blue or purple throughout the garden with just a little pruning tidying needed.
  • Its appearance provides a natural break in the asphalt where water seeps for an oasis of green coolness below.
  • 200-liter shrub container
  • Drainage holes
  • Edges are rolled for easier installation and neat appearance.
  • Made from non-abrasive recycled material
  • More than 900 species of trees and shrubs
  • Many are native to tropical or subtropical regions
  • Known for its ornamental value, some are used as food plants
  • Native to the tropics and subtropics.
  • Plant is easy to manage and maintain, but can grow too large for many homes and tastes.
  • Timber can come from Ficus trees, who have an extensive root system.
  • Diverse range of uses may be sourced from this plants broad leaf canopy as well- edible products, valuable fruit/nuts, essential oil, sustainable timber etc.

Umbellata Ficus trees are popular for a variety of reasons. They are beautiful and interesting plants that can be used in a variety of settings. Additionally, they are tolerant of a variety of conditions and can survive in a wide range of climates.

The Umbellata Ficus is a beautiful and unusual tree. It is native to Peninsular Malaysia and the Borneo rainforest, and is only found in primary rainforest. The Umbellata Ficus grows to a height of 1015 m, and has glossy dark green leaves that are ovateelliptical in shape and measure up to 30 cm in length. The Umbellata Ficus is also known for its very large flowers, which are typically purple but can also be pink, yellow, or white.
The Ficus Umbellata is a beautiful, exoticlooking tree. It has a long history as a popular houseplant and can be found in many different varieties. One of the most common varieties is the Christmas Tree Ficus. This variety has bright red and green variegated leaves. Another favorite is the Jade Ficus, which has glowing green leaves. However, there are many other types of Ficus Umbellata available, so you can find one that matches your preferences and home décor.The Ficus Umbellata is a great choice for beginner gardeners because it is easy to care for and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. It will grow in both indoor and outdoor settings, though it does best in medium to bright light. You will need to water it regularly, but be careful not to overwater it or the roots will start to rot. Once the tree begins to flower, you will need to fertilize it every two weeks with a balanced formula designed for houseplants.If youre looking for an interesting addition to your home landscape, the Ficus Umbellata is a great choice. Not only is it beautiful and unique, but its also easy to care for
The Umbellata Ficus is a species of tree in the fig family. It is endemic to Brazil and is threatened by habitat loss.
Umbellata Ficus is a common name for several species of figs, including the Japanese Fig, Chinese Fig and the Ficus carica. The fig tree is well known in Asian culture, where it is often grown in yards or at the entrance of a house. It has also become popular in the United States as an indoor plant. There are many types of figs, but the most popular are the ones that have edible fruit. These include the Japanese Fig, Chinese Fig and the Ficus carica.
A Umbellata Ficus is an excellent houseplant for those looking for a lowmaintenance plant. This ficus has a wide variety of benefits as a houseplant, including* Lowmaintenance – Umbellata Ficuses don’t require a lot of care, and they can be left alone most of the time.* Healthy and beautiful – Umbellata Ficuses are healthy and beautiful plants that will add character and beauty to any room.* Easy to grow – Umbellata Ficuses are easy to grow, and they can be propagated by rooting cuttings.