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The recent devastation of Hurricane Harvey has left many residents in need of help. One organization thats been hard at work is Green Ivy, a company that helps people connect with organizations working to provide relief and assistance. In this short article, well learn more about Green Ivy and how you can support their efforts.

GREEN IVY Features
  • Jobs. Relief and Support. On the map
  • Green ivy is a company that provides job services to people in need and gives them support to get back on their feet
  • You can find how you can help and offer your skills, with stories of how others already contributed
  • Green Ivy is an organization that advocates for the people affected in natural disasters.
  • Corporate partners such as Monsanto and Proctor & Gamble have backed Green Ivy, allowing them to recognize the need for new solutions to flourish.
  • To say thank you, Green Ivy has put up a fundraiser aimed at helping relief organizations move forward.
  • Provide relief, help and resources for thousands of Houstonians affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Receive updates on the current state of relief work in Texas
  • Use your voice to donate directly to organizations working in Houston
  • Green Ivy is conveniently situated close to many popular destinations
  • -Green Ivy is a volunteer organization focused on connecting people with organizations that provide relief and assistance
  • -An online, collaborative resource that connects people to the most valuable organizations after a disaster
  • Green Ivy works to match peer support professionals and volunteers with those in need who are struggling to get help.
  • To qualify, applicants must be able to pay for their own transportation (transportation does not have to be back and forth), documents required for entry, and a pre-recorded interview about themselves.
  • See how you can connect with Green Ivy by going here: https://www.giveriusonline.com/Home

The popularity of green ivy is no mystery. This creeping vine with variegated leaves and fluffy white flowers is attractive to both humans and wildlife. Hardy in most soil types, green ivy can be found growing in gardens, under trees, or even in cracks in pavements. There are many possible reasons why this plant is so popular, but one of the main reasons may be that it is easy to grow and maintain.

The history of the green ivy plant dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. The Romans used the green ivy plant as a type of cloth dye. The Greeks also used the green ivy plant for dyeing fabrics.
In todays blog, we are discussing how pets and green ivy plants can work well together. Pets can provide a fun distraction for your green ivy plant as it grows, and the plant can help to clean up the pets waste. Additionally, both pets and green ivy plants can provide a filtered breeze and indirect sunlight that is beneficial to your homes interior design.
The green ivy (Hedera helix) is a climbing vine that can grow up to 18 feet long. It is found in moist areas, such as along the banks of rivers and lakes.
Green ivy is a common name for several plants in the family Convolvulaceae. These plants are generally small, creeping vines that can be found growing in moist areas such as along the banks of streams and rivers. They have leaves that are often alternate, with either three or five lobes, and flowers that are white or pink. The flowers of some species are pollinated by bees, while others are pollinated by flies.Some people use green ivy to create natural dye products. Others use it as an ornamental plant. It can be found in gardens, parks, and other public areas.
The benefits of a green ivy as a houseplant are many. It can add color and life to any room, it is low-maintenance, and it can be used as a decoration or as part of a natural air purifier. Here are just some of the reasons why green ivy is such a great plant to have in your home: 1. It Adds Color and Life to Any Room - Green ivy is an easy plant to grow, and it will quickly fill in any space with its lush leaves and elegant flowers. Not only does this plant add color and life to a room, but it also helps to clean the air by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen.2. It Is Low-Maintenance - One of the great things about green ivy is that it is low-maintenance. You wont need to water or fertilize it very often, and it will grow back quickly if you do need to repot it. This makes green ivy a great choice for people who are busy or who dont have time for a lot of maintenance tasks.3. It Can Be Used As Part of a Natural Air Purifier - One of the best things about green ivy