Aquatic Java Fern and Java Moss on Wood – Live Plants


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Splendid Aquatic Java Fern and Java Moss on Wood – Live Plants – JAVA MOSS – Aquatic Plants

Pleasant JAVA MOSS Aquatic Plants Aquatic java fern and java moss on wood live plants 1Aquatic Plants oxygenate the water to provide shelter for fish and aquarium life while keeping them healthier and your tank looking better. The Java Fern and Java moss have already been attached to driftwood so you can simply place it into your aquascape. This combination is perfect for new beginners trying their hand at live Plants for the first time. They re both considered low light and low requirement Plants that anyone can keep. As long as you have water and light for the most part they ll grow. Simply place the piece into your aquascape and you re good to go! New growth can be trimmed and reattached to rock or wood. This can be grown under a wide range of conditions recommended for breeders beginners and all. Driftwood is known to naturally release tannins into the aquarium which can stain your water color slightly yellow similar to tea. This is natural and soft water loving species such as South American fish love this type of tannic acid. Doing several water changes and adding some activated carbon to your filter will help clear up the water. Overtime the wood will naturally stop releasing tannins.