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Aquatic ‘Anubias Barteri’ Plant / Loose Live Plant

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Resplendent Aquatic ‘Anubias Barteri’ Plant / Loose Live Plant – ANUBIA BARTERI – Aquatic Plants

Delightful ANUBIA BARTERI Aquatic Plants Aquatic anubias barteri plant loose live plantAquatic Plants oxygenate the water to provide shelter for fish and aquarium life while keeping them healthier and your tank looking better. Anubias are one of the world s most widely used Plants in planted aquariums. Its slow growth unique leaf structure and reproduction method make it an aquarium smash hit. Planting Anubias is easy; simply throw it into your water. Really – even if you just drop it in it ll start growing. These aquatic Plants will thrive while floating or the current may allow it to attach to something that its roots can hold onto. You can also choose where it will go by burying the roots in some gravel or tying it onto a piece of material.